Now you will forget to see Katrina in a new look, just take a look at this electric vehicle…

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Cargo & Passenger Vehicle

Recently a wheeler was introduced which turns from 3 to 4 wheeler in a few minutes, its name is Cargo Three Wheeler. 2 people can sit comfortably and roam around in its three wheeler. But when it is converted into a two wheeler, its seating capacity shifts to that of a scooter. Let us tell you that it takes only 3 minutes to convert from three wheeler to two wheeler and from two wheeler to three wheeler.

Apart from this, you have been given buttons for adaptive control and safe operation. With this you can easily convert the vehicle. This vehicle belongs to Hero company and the company is going to launch 4 variants of this variant.

Technical Specifications of Cargo Three Wheeler

If we talk about it, then you get it separately, it means that you can separate it also, you can separate both Scooty and Auto, this is a very amazing feature which is very good, you can separate Scooty. You can also use it for your personal use. If we talk about its top speed, it can cover a distance of 50 kmph. If we talk about two wheeler separately then it runs at a speed of 60 kmph.

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Braking system of cargo three wheeler

You are going to see 200 mm disc brake in this electric. You are going to get a very smooth ride in it, it is being given to you with excellent features like good ground clearance and power and pickup.

Charges in 15 minutes

If we talk about its charging, then three types of charging variants of this electric vehicle of Hero have been made which you can use. In this you are getting the facility that you can do on board charging or home base charging. If we talk about its charging time, it gets fully charged in just 15 minutes and you can also run it. It can comfortably cover a distance of 50 km on a single charge. If you are thinking of taking it then this will be a good option for you.

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