On this day, the full moon of Magh month will fall in very auspicious yogas.

The full moon of Magha month will fall in very auspicious yogas on 24th February. This time there will be a conjunction of Mars and Venus on the full moon. Both the planets will appear very close. Will be in high position and will bring auspiciousness. Auspicious Gajakesari Yoga is also being formed on this day. It is believed that whatever work is done in these auspicious yogas, success is achieved. The special importance of bathing in holy rivers on this auspicious occasion has been mentioned in the Puranas. Kalpavas will also end on Magh Purnima. Pitru Tarpan will also be performed on this day.

Sant Ravidas Jayanti also

According to Udaya Tithi, Magh Purnima will be celebrated on 24th February. The auspicious time for bathing and donating is from 5.11 am to 6.02 am. People of Buddhist society give special importance to Magh Purnima. On this day Mahatma Buddha had announced asana death. Saint Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on this day.

Kalpavas will end

Kalpvas ends with a bath on the day of Magh Purnima. The great glory of Kalpavas has been described in the month of Magh. Staying on the banks of holy rivers in this month is called Kalpavas. Kalpavas means living on the banks of a holy river and studying and meditating on the Vedas. Kalpavas is a resolution of patience, non-violence and devotion.

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