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New Delhi: Nowadays people are spending most of their time on mobile phones. Be it children or adults, everyone has started using mobile for some reason or the other. As adults, we can recognize our mobile addiction and gain control over it, but it is very difficult to explain this to children. At present, increasing the screen time of children has become the biggest challenge.

Sometimes parents do not realize that their children have developed a mobile habit, which needs to be removed. In this article, we will tell you about some signs seen in children, which will help you recognize that now is the time to control your child’s increased screen time.

Symptoms of increased screen time in children-

Throwing away toys and other objects when not getting screen time.

Don’t bring your own ideas into play.

Resentment from following the rules of any game, playing the game on one’s own terms. To be less flexible.

Not taking care of your body, falling without any reason.

Being unable to concentrate on any work or play.

Don’t listen to anyone carefully. Unless it is spoken loudly, we do not pay attention to the voice.

Reduce the number of children in these ways screen time

Encourage children to do as much physical activity as possible.

Ask them to play outside under the open sky.

Avoid screen time altogether before getting out of bed and before going to bed.

Don’t allow screen time as soon as you get back from school. During this time, talk to them a lot, get all the information about the school and keep them busy, so that they do not think about the screaming time.

Set screen time limits for kids.

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