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Four Indian students died in America: There has been a stir in America due to the death of four Indian students one after the other. Due to which fear has spread among the students studying abroad and people’s anger has flared up to such an extent that people are now demanding to publish a travel advisory.

Fourth student dies in Cincinnati

A latest case has come to light at Lindner School of Business in Cincinnati. The student who died here was identified as Shreyas Reddy Benigeri. Earlier on February 1, Neel Acharya at Purdue University, Vivek Saini studying MBA in Georgia and Akul B. Dhawan studying at University of Illinois have died. Many questions have started being raised regarding his death.

A statement from the Indian Embassy

Recently, the Indian Consulate in New York said that the police is investigating the incident of Benigeri’s death. Netizens are also asking for travel advice for Indian students. Along with this, in a tweet the Consulate said that Indian origin student Shreyas Reddy Benigeri has unfortunately passed away in Ohio which is a sad case. The police is investigating the matter. We are in touch with the Benigeri family and are providing them all possible assistance.

People’s anger erupted on social media

In response to the embassy’s post, Debashish Sarkar wrote on social media platform Their only job is not to send their dead bodies to India. Another user wrote that America is rapidly becoming unsafe for Indians. Now is the time for India to issue travel advisories for Indians who want to visit the US in search of higher education and work.

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