Post Office Scheme: After investing Rs 5 lakh, you get ₹ 7.24 lakh including interest in such a short time, know how

New Delhi: Post Office Time Deposit Account. In today’s economic era, everyone has to do some work, people work or do jobs in private sector or government sector, and create their own source of income. So that’s when people start getting lump sum earnings every month. So you think about investing. Here the post office is working to give you tremendous returns, this can be a special earning opportunity for you.

In earlier times, it was seen that due to lack of information, people used to invest in such fraudulent schemes. There are full chances of losing money here. In the present time, you can make a fund worth lakhs by investing in such a tremendous scheme of the post office. Bumper schemes are being run in the post office supported by the Central Government, out of which there is also Post Office Time Deposit Scheme, in which if you invest Rs 5 lakh, you will get only interest of Rs 2.25 lakh. Here the money also remains safe with the government.

There will be tremendous earnings in post office fixed deposit account.

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Post Office Time Deposit Account is a great scheme for the people. In this, any person gets the facility of investment for one year, two years, three years and five years, then from January 1, 2024, 6.9% on one year deposit, 7% on two year deposit in the post office fixed deposit account by the government. , 7.1% interest is being given on three year deposits and 7.5 percent interest is being given on five year deposits.

This way you will get Rs 2,24,974 as interest.
If you have invested Rs 5 lakh in this and have kept the investment period for five years, then at the government interest rate of 7.5 percent, it will amount to Rs 7,24,974 on maturity, which includes the invested Rs 5 lakh and the interest amount of Rs 2, Your earning will be Rs 24,974.

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