Priyanka Chopra got cheated, there was a disturbance in the construction of a house worth 165 crores

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas bought a huge house in Los Angeles for Rs 165 crore and had to vacate it due to poor construction, water leakage and fungus everywhere. He has also filed a multi-million dollar legal claim against the seller of the home.

After Priyanka got married in December 2018, she and Nick bought this lavish house in September 2019, the next year.

He had decorated this house with great care. She also celebrated Indian festivals including Diwali, Holi and get-togethers and parties here with her friends, family and others. Priyanka also posted many pictures of this house.

However, for some time, there were continuous speculations that pictures of this house were not visible on Priyanka’s social media posts. However, now there are reports that Priyanka and Nick have immediately vacated the house as it is no longer livable.

The construction of this house became difficult. There was problem of water leakage everywhere. There was fungus on many walls throughout the house.

According to claims in the American media, from May 2023, Priyanka and Nick have filed a legal case against the sellers of this house. According to details provided in the lawsuit, the home’s pool and spa had problems, including sludge. Apart from this, fungus was also spread at many places. The barbecue area on the deck was also leaking. Due to this the inner part of the deck was badly damaged. It has been claimed in the legal suit that this house is not fit to live in and living here poses a serious risk to health. It is being told that Priyanka and Nick have demanded huge compensation from the seller. It is also demanded that the defendant should reimburse all repair costs and also pay other damages. An estimate of Rs 12 crore has been made on waterproofing alone and Rs 20 crore on other damage.

According to reports, Priyanka and Nick are moving to another property with their two-year-old daughter Malti. Now it is not decided whether they will return to their original home or not. Informants say that no one lives in this house and it has not been given on rent to anyone.

Nine bedroom, seven bathroom home

Priyanka and Nick’s house in Los Angeles has nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It has a separate grand kitchen for the chef. There is also a special wine room with temperature control. This house also has an indoor basketball court. It also has a home theatre, entertainment lounge, spa facilities with steam shower, modern gym and billiard room.

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