‘Radio King’ Amin Sayani passes away, breathed his last at the age of 91

Ameen Sayani Death News: ‘Radio King’ Amin Sayani has passed away. Let us tell you, Amin Sayani, who is known as the master of the world of sound, breathed his last at the age of 91. And he said goodbye to the world, the news of his demise has made people sad.

Took his last breath at the age of 91

Famous radio presenter Amin Sayani, born in Mumbai on December 21, 1932, breathed his last at the age of 91. According to information received from sources, he died due to heart attack. Let us tell you, his son Rajil Sayani has confirmed his death.

Died on the evening of 20th February

However, the news of Amin Sayani’s death has created a wave of mourning among his fans. Meanwhile, Amin Sayani’s son Rajil Sayani confirmed the death of his father. He told that on Tuesday, February 20, his father suffered a heart attack at his home in South Mumbai, after which he was immediately taken to the nearby H.N. Took to Reliance Foundation Hospital. Where the doctors made every possible effort to save him. And after some treatment, the doctors declared him dead.

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was ill for a long time

It is noteworthy that Amin Sayani was going through health related problems for a long time. And he was also suffering from back pain for the last 12 years and that is why he had to use a walker to walk.

This record is registered in his name

However, Amin Sayani has a record of producing/voiceovering more than 54,000 radio programs in his name. Apart from this, Amin Sayani’s name is also registered in Limca Books of Records for providing voice for about 19,000 jingles.

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