Radio king Amin Sayani passes away breathed last Mumbai

Mumbai Famous radio announcer Ameen Sayani has passed away. He took his last breath at the age of 91. The cause of death is said to be heart attack. Due to the demise of Amin Sayani, his family is in mourning.

Amin Sayani breathed his last in a hospital in Mumbai on Tuesday night. His son Rajil Sayani has confirmed the news. He told that Amin Sayani had a heart attack, after which he said goodbye to the world. Regarding the funeral, his son said that he will give an update on it soon. In this hour of grief, along with Amin Sayani’s family, his fans are also in shock.

Amin Sayani, born on December 21, 1932, was a superstar of the radio world. He made a major contribution in giving recognition to radio. ‘Geet Mala’ is one of his popular programs. This one show brought a lot of popularity to Amin Sayani. He was a superstar among his fans for his beautiful voice and attractive style. Amin Sayani did more than 50 thousand shows in his radio career.

Amin Sayani’s way of addressing the audience with ‘Sisters and Brothers’ remains as fresh even today. Amin Sayani lived as the king in the world of radio. The magic of his voice used to mesmerize the listener, which will now remain only in memories.


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