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Jaipur, 1 February (HS). The tenth edition of Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF) 2024 concluded its grand finale with an awards ceremony on January 31. At the conclusion of the five-day program, First India and Bharat 24 Editor-in-Chief Jagdish Chandra and MLA Bal Mukund Acharya became the chief guests. At the awards ceremony, Riff founder Somendra Harsh and co-founder Anshu Harsh, along with the chief guests, honored a total of 66 films including celebrities with awards in various categories. Ashish Bhardwaj and Akanksha Joshi conducted the stage in the program.

Actor Tinu Anand, actor Akhilendra Mishra, actor Nandish Singh Sandhu, actress Iti Acharya, singer Moti Khan, film critic Ajit Rai, writer Yash Kalra, Assamese actress Amy Barua at the conclusion of the tenth edition of Riff held at Gem Cinema. The same foreign stars included director James Higgins, film maker Patrick George, actress Marianne Borgo, Venezuelan Embassy counselor Alfredo Caldera, Charles Thomson popularly known as Bihari Babu.

As the sun set over the awards ceremony, the audience also enjoyed colorful performances in between the programme. During this, along with the presentation on ‘Kurjaan’ by reality show “Indian Idol Junior” contestant Moti Khan, ‘Kalbeliya’ dance by Meena Sapera, musical presentation by Angel Music Academy and students of Subodh College on songs of the 90s. The group dance was very special.

In the tenth edition of Rajasthan International Film Festival, along with 11 special awards, a total of 23 awards for feature films in national, regional, international and Rajasthani languages, a total of 21 awards for short films in national, regional, student, Rajasthani and international languages, A total of 3 awards were given for animation films, a total of 14 awards for documentary films and a total of 5 awards for music albums of Hindi, regional, international and Rajasthani languages.

Best Book Author in 2023: MD Soni for Rajasthani Cinema Encyclopedia (Rajasthani Film Geet Kosh 1942-2022) Best Book Publisher in the Field of Cinema: Vani Prakashan (Aditi Maheshwari)

Theme Award (Youth & Film Heritage): The Gem Cinema (Owner: Sudhir Kasliwal) Jaipur.

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