Rare 5 Rupee Note: Tractor printed for Rs 5 will make 1 rich

New Delhi: The era of old things has come again. Jawa also took advantage of the opportunity and launched its bike. Now gradually people have started keeping rare things in their homes. Old and rare notes are most in trend in the market. Their exhibitions have also started being held in India. Fraud has started happening the most in this. Select Real Buyer only at exhibitions. If anyone asks for advance payment in the name of selling, do not give it.

Nowadays, buying and selling of old notes and coins is happening very fast in the online market. Taking advantage of this, people are earning a lot. If you want to earn a lot in a short time and that too without any hard work, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Now you can earn big money sitting at home without any job. Actually, the demand for old notes and coins is very high in the global market. In return of which you can get a huge amount.

These days, there is a lot of demand for Rs 5 notes in the online market. By selling these notes you can earn not just one but Rs 6 lakh. Till now we are getting comfortable. But before selling these old coins and notes, some conditions have also been set, which will be important to know. If you do not follow these rules while selling the notes kept with you, then you will regret.

Know the specialty of Rs 5 note

To sell Rs 5 note, you first need to know about Rs 5 note. To sell the note, it is necessary to have serial number 786 written on it. Along with this, the photo of the farmer driving a tractor should be printed in the note. If all these things are seen in your 5 rupee note, then understand that you are going to have a rain of money. The serial number 786 printed in the note is considered very lucky and sacred for the Muslim community. They consider this number as a symbol of happiness and prosperity at home. They pay the desired price to buy this note. Besides, it is also necessary to have the photo of the farmer printed on the reverse side of the note. Three such notes can be easily sold for Rs 18 lakh.

Sell ​​the note here

You will not need to go anywhere to sell the note. You can sell notes online sitting at home, for this you first go to the e-way site and register yourself as a seller. Along with this, here the buyers themselves will contact you, where you can fulfill your dream of earning big money. However, the shopping site has not yet officially made any such confirmation.

Note: Before selling old notes and coins, definitely read the guidelines of RBI. avoid fraud

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