RBI gives new update on ₹2,000 note, public still has around Rs 8,897 crore

Rs 2,000 note: RBI gave a new update on ₹ 2,000 note, the public still has about Rs 8,897 crore.

New Delhi. Reserve Bank of India i.e. RBI has given a big update regarding Rs 2000 note on Thursday. RBI said that about 97.5 percent of the Rs 2,000 notes have returned to the banking system. The central bank said only Rs 8,897 crore worth of notes were still with the public. Let us tell you that RBI had announced to withdraw bank notes of Rs 2,000 denomination from circulation on May 19, 2023.

“When the withdrawal of Rs 2,000 bank notes was announced on May 19, 2023, a total of Rs 3.56 lakh crore of such notes were in circulation at the close of business on that day, while Rs 31 lakh were in circulation,” the central bank said in a statement. Crore rupees were in circulation.” At the close of business in January 2024, this amount reduced to Rs 8,897 crore.

Rs 2,000 bank notes to remain legal tender

Thus, 97.5 per cent of the total Rs 2,000 bank notes in circulation till May 19, 2023 have been returned. “Rs 2,000 bank notes will continue to be legal tender,” RBI said.

Rs 2000 notes can also be sent to RBI through India Post.

People can deposit or exchange Rs 2,000 bank notes at 19 RBI offices across the country. People can send Rs 2,000 bank notes through India Post from any post office to any RBI office to deposit in their bank accounts in India.

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