Renault Duster 2024 is coming to create havoc in the new segment, features leaked

Renualt Duster 2024 Price: Renualt Duster 2024 is coming to create havoc in the new segment, whose features are now making headlines among the people on the internet. Its direct impact is on the customers that their interest in Renualt Duster 2024 is quite high.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Renualt Duster 2024 in the upcoming new segment of Renault’s sub-brand Dacia, so if you also want to know about the features of Renualt Duster 2024 and Renualt Duster 2024 Price, then let us tell you with full specifications.

Renualt Duster 2024

Renault Duster, especially Reno Desia, is a sub-brand of the automobile company, which has a lot of value because customers look at it from the perspective of a VIP car. Renault Desia has created a lot of excitement in the market by sharing the news of the arrival of its latest segment.

The features of Renualt Duster SUV, its premium body model, powerful engine and mileage have all been leaked. Reno Renault Duster 2024 maintains a special place in the compact SUV segment among the SUV lovers of India.

Renault Duster 2024 Price
Renault Duster 2024 Price

Renualt Duster 2024 Lunch Date in India

In a way, Renualt Duster 3.0 is the latest segment of Renault Dacia, it is being estimated that Renualt Duster 3.0 is going to be available in the market soon for the SUV lovers of India, but Renualt Duster 3.0 Lunch Date will be in the Indian market in January 2025. is being estimated.

Renualt Duster has a special identity not only in India but also abroad, so its Renualt Duster 3.0 version will be first launched in Portugal on 24 January 2024 by Renault’s sub-brand subsidiary company Decia and then it will be launched in the Indian market.

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Key Specifications of Renualt Duster 3.0

Talking about the special features of Renault Duster, you will find that along with its excellent looks, 10 spoke alloy wheels and door cladding have been included in this latest SUV car. The glass area and powerful rear quarter panel give it special features, after this you will see the small air windshield and boot loader lip.

About Renualt Duster 2024 SUV Engine

Talking about the engine of Renault Duster SUV, it is possible that it will also include LPG and powertrain. After this, 1-2 liter petrol engine (130PS) with 48W mild hybrid and 140PS 1.6 liter petrol engine with 4 cylinders can be seen. Is . Regarding the engine and mileage of Renault Duster to be launched in India, it is being told that it will get the same engine capacity.

Renault Duster 2024 Price in India

The price of Renault Duster in India can start from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh (ex-showroom). This SUV segment car, a sub-brand of Renault Dacia in the Indian market, is expected to be launched in January 2025. It will compete with SUVs like Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Citroen C3 Aircross in India.

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