Report: India’s AI market will be 17 billion dollars by 2027, growing at the rate of 25-35%

New Delhi. India’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is growing at a rate of 25-35 percent every year. It is expected to increase to 17 billion dollars by 2027. According to the NASSCOM BCG Report, this growth is driven by multiple factors including increased enterprise technology spending, the country’s growing AI talent base and increased AI investments. According to the NASSCOM-BCG report, AI investment globally has seen an annual growth of 24 percent since 2019. Investments of $83 billion in 2023, mostly in data analytics, GenAI.

93% investment in digital content
NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh said, about 93 per cent of the investment in Indian technology services and products made in India is focused on digital content, data analytics and supply chain. Indian companies are setting new industry standards with their adoption of AI.

Second largest talent base in the country
According to the report, India has the second largest installed talent base with 4.20 lakh employees working in AI. India also has the highest skill penetration, with three times more AI skilled talent than other countries. India is among the top-5 countries with a 14-fold increase in the number of AI skilled individuals in seven years.


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