Rescue of dangerous Cobra Saanp trapped in a well, attacked by raising its hood

In viral video, man seen saving snake without caring for himself

Cobra Snake , Most people either run away or get scared after seeing a dangerous snake like King Cobra. However, a video is quickly going viral in which a man is seen catching an unconscious King Cobra from a well. In the video, the person has extended his hand to the side of the well and held it in his hands. Although the snake tries to attack him, the young man remains calm and holds the snake by its tail, preventing its sharp teeth from reaching him. This video has received more than six lakh likes so far, and has been posted by Instagram user Sagar Patil.

Cobra snake taken out from the well. Cobra Snake

Sagar Patil has more than 90 lakh Instagram followers. They often post videos of rescuing or handling snakes. It is interesting to know that all snakes can swim, and especially the King Cobra is very adept at swimming. They can also hunt in water and are often seen crossing rivers and ponds. It seems that the snake was in no danger of drowning, but Patil must have taken it out of the well so that the snake would not pose any threat to the well users. It is not clear whether Patil has received any training in handling snakes or not.

Video is going viral. Cobra Snake

The caption of the video read, “Some of us are unique because we are Mahadev wale. Jai Mahakaal.” As the video went viral on social media, people reacted.

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