Russia-Ukraine War: The situation is reminiscent of the First World War, because Ukrainian soldiers fighting with Russia are troubled by rats – News India Live

Kyiv: Ukraine’s front lines in the war with Russia are facing a rat problem. Under wartime conditions and adverse cold weather, rats are spreading serious diseases among soldiers and disrupting military operations, reminiscent of World War I.

in soldiers’ clothes rats enter

Rats caused great stress to soldiers during World War I. In media reports, Kira, a female soldier of the Ukrainian army, said that rats enter the clothes of soldiers trying to rest and bite their fingers.

soldiers troubled by rat terrorKira’s dugout, where she lived with four soldiers, was eaten up by a thousand rats. The situation is such that now the front line of a thousand kilometers has become a swarm of rats and these diseases are spreading among the soldiers in search of warmth and food in the cold season.

Videos shared by Ukrainian and Russian soldiers on Internet media show rats and mice being found under beds, in backpacks, power generators, coat pockets and pillows.

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