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Simple companions used: In Hindu mythology, Shani Dev is considered the god of justice. Shani Dev is associated with discipline, responsibility and hard work. In Hindu astrology, the transit of Saturn in 12 zodiac signs is called “Sade Sati”. It is believed that this period can bring challenges and difficulties in a person’s life.

Peepal tree worship

Worshiping the Peepal tree on Saturday is considered a way to please Shani Dev and reduce the ill effects of Sade Sati. According to Hindu beliefs, the Peepal tree is sacred and has the power to provide relief from suffering caused by Saturn.

Peepal tree is considered sacred in Hindu religion.

The Peepal tree is also known as the “Buddhist tree” in Hinduism and is considered sacred. The Peepal tree is believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties and worshiping it brings blessings and positive energy.

Peepal tree is considered to be related to Lord Vishnu and Buddha.

According to mythological beliefs, the Peepal tree is also related to Lord Vishnu and Lord Buddha, it is believed that they attained enlightenment by meditating under the Peepal tree. Peepal tree is considered a symbol of knowledge.

Worship Peepal tree like this

The Peepal tree is usually worshiped by offering flowers to the tree. Additionally, they circumambulate the tree, bringing good luck and prosperity.

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