Seeing the attractive features and cheap EMI plan of Maruti Ertiga 7 seater car, you will not be able to stop yourself from buying it..!

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Second Hand Ertiga Under 3 Lakhs

In India, the 7 seater vehicle is being liked by the customers because the companies are adding a lot of premium features in it due to which the customers are becoming very happy and the company is also adding new facilities in it under the new lineup MPV. Let us know about it. All new features, price and technology information.

Attractive offer will be available with powerful engine of Maruti Ertiga

Maruti Ertiga is being sold at its second hand price in a low budget of ₹ 400000. If you are from a middle class family then you can buy this car in very good condition. This car can be a family twister car in which you can share your The entire family can travel anywhere. Maruti Ertiga has maximum space. It is the best car. Let us know about its powerful engine.

In the seven seater car of Maruti Ertiga, you are given a 1.5 liter charged single cylinder petrol engine which is also available in CNG option. Most of the people use it in Ola and taxi but you can buy the CNG model, you get very good mileage in it. .

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Maruti Ertiga listed on CAR DEKHO website

Maruti Ertiga seven seater car, 2014 model in good condition, at a price of only ₹ 300000, has been listed for sale on an online world famous website Car Dekho. There, when we looked in detail, we found that this car, which has been driven for 75000 kilometers, is available in quite good condition. You must buy it once for driving.

At the same time, another Maruti Ertiga model 2015 has been listed where the vehicle is said to have driven up to 1 lakh kilometers and plans have also been made available to buy this series. You cannot buy this vehicle at such an expensive price. If so, you can also get the facility of finance plan here.

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After Maruti Ertiga, this car can be the best model for you

Maruti true value can also be the best model for you, on the website you will also get this model 2015 model, the price of which is being quoted as ₹ 4 lakh ₹ 10000 and it is also being given with 6 months warranty and three months warranty. Free service is also available, you can buy it as per your convenience.

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