Shatrughan Sinha expressed his pain said- ‘Many heroes had trouble with me at that time’

Mumbai. Shatrughan Sinha dominated the industry in the 80s. Shatrughan has given many blockbuster films in Bollywood and his silent dialogues are still seen speaking by many people. The special thing is that even though Shatrughan Sinha started his career as a villain, he also made his mark as a successful actor. The actor recently attended a channel’s event and revealed many secrets about the film industry.

Talking about his films and heroes, Shatrughan Sinha said – ‘Many heroes at that time were upset with me as to why I was given so much footage in the films. During this, the actor also told about the time when no hero wanted to work with him. Talking about this, the actor said- They thought that he is the villain in the film and is earning more fame than us. Dialogues are good and role is also good. Because of this many people refused to work with me.

Many used to make excuses.
Along with this, the actor said- ‘Many people used to make excuses and many people used to say that he comes late to the set. So some used to say that his nature is not good. I had stopped getting work. Because of this I had to work as a hero. This is how my new career started.

Never seen struggle like Dharmendra and Amitabh
During this, Shatrughan Sinha also told that ‘he has not seen struggle like Dharmendra and Big B in his career. Dharmendra Saheb used to carry his reel boxes himself. So it has been heard about Amitabh that he once slept on the bench. I never did this. But I have definitely been hungry for 2-3 days. Have seen careers end and also start again and face many stumbles.


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