Social media users are not able to believe, has Poonam Pandey really died, know…..

On the morning of 2 February 2024, a message came that model Poonam Pandey was no more. I was surprised to read this and immediately checked Poonam Pandey’s social media. Then it came to light that Poonam Pandey’s team had also told the same thing to the fans. After this, when the manager of the ‘Nasha’ actress was contacted, he also confirmed the shocking news. But even then I could not believe that something like this had really happened suddenly. Not only me, there are many users on social media who do not believe in the death of Poonam Pandey nor do they want to. All her fans want that Poonam Pandey should come forward and call all these things a prank and we should take a sigh of relief. Poonam Pandey’s team shared a message on Instagram on Friday. It was written, ‘This morning is very painful for all of us. It is with sadness that we have to inform that our beloved Poonam is no more. He died due to cervical cancer. We want our privacy to be respected at this sad time. May God rest his soul in peace.

Poonam Pandey’s manager Nikita Sharma also confirmed this news. He said, ‘Poonam Pandey was a shining personality of the film industry. Who said goodbye to this world due to cervical cancer at the age of 32. The entire entertainment industry is shocked by this. Along with modeling, she had shown her strength on social media. In this way, the news of Poonam Pandey’s demise spread in the media too. Statements from doctors also started coming out as to how cervical cancer can be fatal. But many questions are being raised from time to time which do not allow us to believe these things.

Let us tell you why Poonam Pandey’s death is not believed. 1. Poonam Pandey’s house: Regarding Poonam Pandey’s death, it was said that she breathed her last in Kanpur. She was in her hometown and had been diagnosed with cancer some time ago. But the question arises that according to all the interviews of the model, it is clear that her own house and parents all live in Mumbai. In an interview given to ‘First India Filmy’ last year, Poonam Pandey had clearly stated that wrong information has been given on Wikipedia that she was born in Kanpur. In fact, even his parents’ marriage took place in Mumbai. His entire family is in Mumbai only. So in such a situation, now the question arises as to what is the truth. Why are such things suddenly being said about Kanpur? Till now no information has been found about his Kanpur house.

.2. Everything was looking fine till three days ago. Poonam Pandey had shared her last post on Instagram three days ago. Where she was looking very glamorous and fit in Goa. If this video is really three days old then it is impossible to believe that he had such a fatal disease. The question also arises that if he really had cancer, then when and where was he undergoing treatment. Why did he hide all this?

3. Suspense on Poonam Pandey’s death, bodyguard also confused, till now not a single statement from Poonam Pandey’s family has come out. Neither his sister nor his parents have come forward and said anything about this. At the same time, no information has been given by his team regarding the last rites. According to the report of ‘ETimes’, Poonam Pandey’s bodyguard Amin Khan also expressed surprise over the death of the actress. He also said that he was trying to talk to her sister

.4. Poonam Pandey’s entire family’s phones have been switched off. According to India Today report, sources said that Poonam Pandey’s sister had informed about her death in the morning but since then there is no trace of her. Neither is anyone’s number available in the family nor is anyone telling about the future. Even his own team is confused

.5. People are feeling that Instagram has been hacked or some new gimmick. People on social media are also shocked and stunned. Stars like Kangana Ranaut, Karan Kundrra, Pooja Bhatt, Munawar Farooqui to Anjali Arora have expressed grief over Poonam Pandey’s departure, while people on the internet are feeling that someone has hacked Instagram.

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