Son and son-in-law murdered father for property

CRIME NEWS: Son and son-in-law murdered father for property

An embarrassing incident has come to light in Rajasthan. In Etawah police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKota, a Kalyugi son and son-in-law killed their 70-year-old father to grab land. After committing the murder, he slept at home and when people gathered in the morning, so that no one could get suspicious, he reached the spot and started crying and screaming. After investigating the case, the police have arrested the son and son-in-law along with a minor.

Etawah SHO Nandkishore Verma said that accused Dhanraj Gurjar and Mukesh Gurjar have been arrested. A minor has also been arrested. Accused Mukesh is the son-in-law of deceased Nand Kishore and Dhanraj is his elder son. Both of them murdered their elderly father under the influence of alcohol for the sake of property. When the police investigated the matter seriously, the deceased’s elder son Dhanraj and the deceased’s son-in-law Mukesh were found to be accused of murder.

Police said that there was a land dispute going on between the deceased Nandkishore Gurjar and his elder son Dhanraj Gurjar. A day before the incident, on January 29, deceased Nandkishore Gurjar’s elder son Dhanraj and son-in-law Mukesh sat together and drank alcohol. Later on the same day, Mukesh went to the house of deceased’s younger son Udham Singh and had a fight. The accused told during interrogation that the deceased Nand Kishore Gurjar had a plot on Bypass Road, Etawah. In this plot, elder son Dhanraj Gurjar wanted to divide it into two shares instead of three, which was opposed by the deceased Nand Kishore Gurjar. Due to this he was murdered.

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