Strange ‘accident’ happened with a woman in GPS circle, car got stuck on the bridge… – News India Live

We all use GPS to navigate. However, sometimes this GPS deceives us. Recently, a similar news came in India where a person from Tamil Nadu took the help of Google Maps to go to Karnataka and then got stuck. Now a similar news has come from Thailand.

According to a report, a Thai woman got into trouble when she used GPS to travel. The incident occurred on January 28 at around 5:40 pm when he found himself trapped on a wooden suspension bridge.

Unfortunately the 120 meter long bridge which was meant for pedestrians only, proved unsuitable for vehicles. Actually, the woman took the help of GPS to find the right path. According to the report, the car managed to travel about 15 meters before getting stuck, then the front left wheel got stuck in the gap and then the car stopped.

Realizing the critical situation, rescue teams immediately arrived to assess the scene and devised a plan to remove the car without causing further damage to the bridge. The woman is from Nong Muang Khai district and was visiting a friend in Sung Men. Not being familiar with the area, he had to resort to GPS to navigate to that particular place.

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