The actress said- came to my house and…, Juhi Chawla told an interesting story about Aamir Khan

New Delhi. Juhi Chawla recently appeared in the dance reality show Jhallak Dikhhlaja 11 where her Bollywood journey was celebrated. The name of this episode was Jashn Juhi. Everyone gave a special performance for Juhi which made the actress very happy. During this, Juhi also shared some stories from her professional to personal life and told that Aamir had given her the cheapest gift.

Aamir’s cheap gift

In the show, Farah asks Juhi that till date has anyone from the industry given you any cheap gift? On this the actress said, ‘Aamir Khan. This was when we became stars. It was my birthday and in the evening I got a call from Aamir that he was coming home. He came home and wished me. She sat and took out a small chocolate for me and said this is a gift from me.

Aamir-Ajay used to do pranks

After this Juhi told that Aamir had done a lot of pranks with Ajay Devgan during the film Ishq. The actress told that both of them pretend to be innocent and do pranks in such a way that no one can recognize them. A new assistant director had come on the sets of the film Ishq. Whenever he had to clap, Aamir and Ajay would tease him due to which the clapboard would shake and then he would get scolded by director Inder Kumar. Sometimes he would erase the marking of the shot. Every time the poor assistant director would be scolded, but no one would know that these two were behind it.

Aamir-Juhi’s movies

Let us tell you that Juhi has worked with Aamir in many films. Actually, after winning Miss India in 1984, Juhi did the film ‘Sultanat’. But Juhi got recognition from the film ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ in which Aamir Khan was with her. Juhi and Aamir have worked in films like Phir Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, Daulat Ki Jung, Love Love Love, Ishq.


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