The country’s sugar production is expected to decrease by ten percent in the current season – News India Live

Mumbai: According to data from the Indian Sugar Mills Association, the country’s sugar production has declined by 2.50 percent on an annual basis to 22.3 million tonnes till February 15 in the sugar season 2023-24, which started from October. ISMA).

The production figure in the last sugar season was 22.9 million tonnes. ISMA has said in its second estimate that the total production in the current full sugar season has declined by ten percent to 33 million tonnes. The production for the 2022-23 season was 3.66 crore tonnes.

A decline in production is being seen in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. However, production has been higher in Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra produces the highest sugar in the country while Uttar Pradesh is in second place.

In the current year, 505 sugar mills were operating as of February 15, compared to 502 mills in the previous season.

Sugarcane production is affected due to weak monsoon conditions in 2023, due to which production is likely to be lower than the demand for sugar. In such a situation, India may be forced to import sugar for the first time in the last seven years.

In order not to upset the ambitious biofuel programme, the Indian government has allowed limited use of sugar in the production of ethanol.

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