The new model will remind everyone of their grandmother, India’s first automatic CNG car, know the price

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Tiago iCNG AMT, Tigor iCNG AMT

You are going to see two automatic CNG cars from TATA Motors. Which is going to be one of the most spectacular cars of the year. CNG car is also good for the environment and it also makes it easier for people to drive. You are going to see this in automatic transmission.

Tata Motors has launched automatic transmission of Tigor CNG and Tiago CNG. You will get to see it in many variants, in this you can see all the variants like XZA NRG, XTA, XZA+, XZA+. This is the first vehicle in the market which comes with Automatic Gear Box and it also runs on CNG. Below you have been given information about the specific vehicle, in which you have been provided with information like its price and mileage.

Tiago iCNG AMT Better Color

Tata Tiago, Tigor iCNG AMT Launching Soon, Bookings Open For CNG Automatic Cars |  Auto News |  Zee News

You will get to see Tiago CNG AMT in Blue colour, whereas if we talk about Tigor CNG AMT, you will get to see it in Bronze colour. Not many changes have been made in it. You are going to get it at a slightly lower price than Tigor. At the same time, you will see Tigor at a slightly higher price than the car of this model.

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Tigor iCNG AMT Strong Engine

It is being claimed by Tata motors that it can cover a distance of 28.06 kilometers in 1.2 liter 1 kg gas. This is being told as per the information and claims of Tata Motors Company. You are going to see automatic gearbox in both of these cars.

Tata motors affordable price

If we talk about the price of the car, then it is going to cost you Rs 7.90 lakh for Tiago iCNG AMT. If we talk about the price of Tigor Automatic CNG, then you will see it starting from Rs 8.85 lakh. In both these cars, if you go for CNG manual then it is going to cost you around Rs 55 thousand.

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