The owner of 10 rupee note will turn it into worth 15 lakhs, just do this small work, you will get the money sitting at home.

Nowadays people want to earn more and more money. A large number of people keep searching for business ideas for this and many people are earning money through the internet. If you want to earn good money sitting at home in a simple way, then we are telling you such a business idea here. With the help of which you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home.

sell old notes

Let us tell you that at present the price of old notes is very high in the global market. Therefore, people who have old or rare currency notes are earning good money by selling them in the global market. Today thousands of people are doing this work and earning good money. The most special thing about this work is that you do not have to go anywhere for this, rather you can do this work sitting at home through the internet.

Lakhpati will make 10 rupee note

If seen, today many types of notes are being sold on the internet. But at present there is a lot of demand for a note of Rs 10. People are ready to give several lakhs of rupees in exchange for this note. But let us tell you that this is not a common note but is very special. The serial number of this note has the number 786 printed at the end and it also has a picture of Mahatma Gandhi. If you have this note then you can sell it for up to Rs 15 lakh.

Sell ​​your note online in this way

Let us tell you that for this you should register as a seller on OLX website. After this, give your details like name, mobile number etc. there. After this, upload the photographs of both the sides of your note. Now your ad is displayed and anyone who wants to buy your note speaks directly to you on the phone.

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