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Benefits of Ashoka leaves: Ashoka leaves are considered very auspicious. Ashoka leaves have great importance in our scriptures. It is also given special importance in worship. Apart from this, you can get rid of the problems in your life with these remedies of Ashoka leaf. Let us know by which measures you can achieve a happy life.

for happy life

It is said that kumkum should be applied daily on Ashoka leaf and kept in the temple. This brings happiness in life and the atmosphere of the house also remains good.

God is pleased

It is believed that God is pleased by offering food on Ashoka leaves. Especially if there is something sweet or sugary in the offering, God becomes very pleased.

For planetary defects

It is said that grinding Ashoka leaves and mixing them in bath water and then bathing with the same water calms the negative effects of the planets.

remedy for disease

If a person has any disease and is troubled by it, then he should write the name of the disease on an Ashoka leaf and float it in the river on Thursday. With this, the person gradually gets rid of this disease.

To remove obstacles in marriage

If a person is facing any problem in his marriage then he should dip 7 leaves in the water of Kalash on Thursday and then on Friday he should write Shukra Mantra on those leaves and pray.

There will be happiness in married life

It is said that to make married life happy, Ashoka leaves should be kept under the mattress in the bedroom. This brings sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife.

The joy of life

It is believed that to fill your life with happiness, offer Ashoka leaf to your favorite deity every day.

for Vaastu defects

It is believed that hanging Ashoka leaves on the door of the house removes Vaastu defects and brings positive energy into the house.

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