This coin of just 1 rupee of British era is fetching lakhs of rupees sitting at home, know the special way of selling it

New Delhi:1 rupee rare note. If you clean your house during Teej festival, you get some rare currency notes and coins, in such a situation, due to lack of knowledge of people, they are not able to earn these rare currency notes and coins, due to which People stop from becoming rich. Here we are giving you such amazing information that you can earn lakhs in a moment.

You must have read about the auction of rare currency notes and coins at some time or the other, people are earning crores of rupees from it in the market. If you have hoarded any rare currency, you are in trouble. Here we are talking about this coin of only 1 rupee, which is from the British era, which is making lakhs of rupees sitting at home through online.

Just one rupee note is giving 7 lakhs sitting at home

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Actually, the old ₹ 1 note that we are talking about here is a many years old note, which fetches ₹ 7 lakh on sale. This coin is from before independence, the picture of British King George V is printed on this note. This note is from before independence and was issued in the year 1935. Which is signed by the then Governor J Kelly. You can sell rare notes and coins lying at home by visiting portals like CoinBazzar, Indiamart and Quikr.

Note- If you buy and sell such rare notes and coins, then you must read the RBI alert. Because RBI keeps issuing warnings about frauds from time to time, so that you do not become a victim of any fraud while selling notes and coins.

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