This creature is called “snake’s aunt”, is considered a symbol of true love.

You must have often heard the cat being called the snake’s aunt in the stories of your childhood. Actually it is said so because lion and cat have many similar habits. But today we are telling you about such a wonderful creature. Which is called the snake’s aunt.

Its biggest specialty is that it is capable of producing children without a male. We are telling you below the reason why this creature is called the snake’s aunt. Let us now tell you about this in detail.

What kind of creature is this?

Let us tell you that the skink, a reptile species, is called the snake’s aunt. It is called the snake’s aunt because it looks like a mixed creature of a snake and a lizard. However, it is not poisonous and is easily found in the corners of houses or in thick grass.

Their skin is very shiny, which makes them very beautiful. Let us tell you that in the year 2020, Zoological Survey of India has discovered 62 species of it in India. Therefore, you can estimate how many species there may be around the world.

gives birth to children without a male

Let us tell you that this creature is also considered a symbol of love. This is said because if it has a relationship with one male, it will never have a relationship with another male in its life. If she does, her partner leaves her forever. Therefore, only one pair is formed in the life of this organism. Another fact regarding this is that during intercourse, she can also store the male’s sperm inside herself and can use it for 1 year to produce children without intercourse.

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