This first human patient with brain chip implant is now able to do such work on the strength of his thinking….

New Delhi: American billionaire Elon Musk’s company Neuralink had implanted a chip in the brain of a patient for the first time last month. Now Musk told that the patient has completely recovered and is able to use the computer mouse only through his thinking. Also, he has not seen any side effects of the chip implant. On social media platform Progress is good, he seems to have made a full recovery. The patient is able to move the mouse around the screen just by thinking.

Now Neuralink is trying to get maximum use of the mouse from this patient i.e. as many mouse clicks as possible. However, there has been no official comment on the success from the company itself yet. Neuralink had received permission from the US FDA in September last year to conduct brain-chip tests in humans. The robot had installed the chip. Neuralink had selected some volunteers for this experiment. A robot had installed a brain chip on the brain of one of these patients. It was implanted in the part of the brain that controls our intention to move. Neuralink says its primary goal is to enable patients to control a computer cursor or keyboard using only their thoughts. According to Musk’s claim, the company has achieved some success in this.

The goal of this company is to implant brain chips in 22 thousand people by 2030. Musk says that with the help of this brain chip, mental conditions like obesity, depression and schizophrenia can be treated. However, he wants to help paralyzed people first.

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