This high mileage bike of Hero has left TVS behind, see its amazing features

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New Hero Passion XTEC

Hero’s new bike has come to challenge the great looking TVS, with great features and great mileage, Hero is one of the famous companies of India. Hero vehicles are sold well in the market and are popular among people due to their attractive design. The company that became the first choice has once again launched its new Hero Passion XTECH Brother in the market. You are going to get two variants in this bike.

New Hero Passion XTEC Features

If we talk about the powerful features of this vehicle, then you will get side stand, turn-by-turn navigation, projector LED headlamp, Bluetooth connectivity, a real-time mileage indicator, a low-fuel indicator, digital instrument cluster, SMS. In this vehicle. And sports of many digital features like call alert are available and in this vehicle you will get sports of disc brake and combi braking system.

New Hero Passion XTEC Engine

New Hero Passion XTEC
New Hero Passion XTEC

In Hero’s new powerful bike, you are going to get a powerful engine of 113.2 CC. This engine is capable of generating power of 9 BHP and torque of 9.89 Nm and this engine is connected to four speed gear box and the engine of this vehicle is quite powerful. A strong mileage of 56.5 KM is available which becomes the first choice of the customers.

New Hero Passion XTEC Price

There is a possibility that New hero After the update of Passion

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