This is the right way to keep warm clothes, clothes will remain like new

This is the right way to keep warm clothes, clothes will remain like new

How to pack woolen clothes: The winter season is over. In that case, you might have started storing warm clothes back in the closet until next winter. As soon as summer starts, most people wash their warm clothes and keep them in the box. But this is not the right way to pack warm clothes. If you pack woolen clothes like this, then let us tell you what things to keep in mind before packing winter clothes.

Do partition like this

If you want to keep a lot of warm clothes in one compartment, you should place a paper partition between each piece of clothing. Many people pack clothes in plastic bags which is actually a wrong approach. Clothes should not be kept inside plastic bags for long. Instead I should pack the clothes in old newspapers and put them in boxes.

How to store naphthalene balls?

Many people keep naphthalene balls among their clothes. Which is absolutely the wrong way. You should not place naphthalene balls in the middle of the clothes but place 2-2 naphthalene balls in the four corners of the box. If you use too many naphthalene balls, the next time you use the clothes, it will smell like naphthalene balls. In such a situation, tie the naphthalene balls in a thin cotton cloth and keep them in a box.

You can also use this item

Apart from naphthalene balls, you can also add neem leaves, neem oil or a few drops of lavender oil to a cotton pad and keep it in the box. This will also keep your woolen clothes safe.

fold properly

When storing warm clothes like woolen coats or jackets in a box, fold them properly. Failure to do so will result in more wrinkles, which will spoil their look. Apart from this, you will also have to face the problem of packing clothes.

where to keep warm clothes

Along with packing, you also have to keep in mind that the place where you keep warm clothes should not be humid! Keeping warm clothes in a humid place causes them to smell bad. Also, there should not be direct sunlight at this place.

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