This person has the most expensive number plate in the country than Ambani-Shahrukh

The price is enough to buy a Fortuner

Most Expensive Number Plate , The rich in the country have many expensive cars, for which special numbers are demanded from RTOs. These numbers are sold through auction, and people pay huge sums for the vehicle number of their choice. Ahmedabad-based transporter Ashiq Patel is a famous name in this. He had bid for the most expensive number plate in the country. His unique interest for number 007 in RTO had surprised everyone. He bought a new SUV for Rs 39.5 lakh and had bid Rs 34 lakh for number 007.

Price of number plate equal to the price of the vehicle. Most Expensive Number Plate

According to media reports, despite deciding to spend an amount equal to the value of the car on its number as well, Ashiq Patel believes the number is particularly lucky for him. After participating in the online auction, he successfully got the registration number GJ01WA007 for his Toyota Fortuner. The base bidding price for this number was only Rs 25,000, but Ashik and other bidders raised it to Rs 34 lakh before the bidding deadline at midnight. The bid of Rs 34 lakh for number 007 is considered to be the highest amount paid for a number plate in the country.

Most expensive number plate Most Expensive Number Plate

Number 001 was sold for the second highest amount at Rs 5.56 lakh and number 0369 was auctioned for Rs 1.40 lakh. Despite this, the country’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has acquired the registration number ‘0001’ for his Rolls Royce Cullinan for Rs 12 lakh. Last year, Shah Rukh Khan also acquired the license plate number ‘0555’ for his Rolls-Royce Cullinan for Rs 70,000

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