This super fast speed electric scooter of OLA gives a range of 190 km, after seeing it you will also say wow..!

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Ola s1x electric scooter on road price

Ola has launched its superfast range electric scooter in the s1x electric scooter market. In which it has been made using a new segment and a new motor. Looking at the existing A model, the company has introduced a 4 kilo watt model which gives an excellent range of 190 kilometers. You can compare the wattage of other companies, see the complete details.

Information about powerful motor and battery setup of Ola s1x electric scooter

Talking about the powerful motor of Ola s1x electric scooter, this electric scooter uses a 2700 watt hub mount BLDC electric motor which generates maximum power and gives a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Can reach speed of 40 in just a second.

Ola s1x electric scooter battery

Ola s1x electric scooter: Talking about battery power, it was for 4 kW. With our battery pack, can the electric scooter cover a distance of 190 kilometers once fully charged and DC charging is used for charging it. Which has super fast charging and charges it in a very quick time.

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Features of Ola s1x electric scooter

Talking about the features of Ola s1x electric scooter, it has premium quality features. If you want to connect your mobile phone, then you can comfortably see five display features with mobile phone connectivity. It has different reading modes- It is of different quality, it has LED lighting, its picture is available in Delhi, it is full of premium features, electric scooter is also available at a low price which will give you a great experience in driving it.

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Ola s1x electric scooter price and EMI plan

Talking about the price of Ola s1x electric scooter, you can get the electric scooter at an ex-showroom price of Rs 109999, whereas its on-road price will be available at Rs 1 lakh 21 thousand. Which will be in your budget, if you cannot pay this much price then you can also go for its finance plan. After depositing the down payment of Rs 80000, you can pay the installment of Rs 3700 every month and after paying continuously for 3 years. This electric scooter will become yours.

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