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Masala Chai Recipe: In the shivering cold, tea is rarely available, no matter how often. Nowadays every second person is suffering from cough, cold and fever, in such a situation tea gives warmth to the body and gives relief to the throat. Be it man or woman, nowadays everyone knows how to make tea but the methods of making it are also different. In such a situation, we have brought such a recipe of tea for you, which will not only make you feel good after trying it. This will not only provide relief from cold and cough, but will also help in increasing your immunity which is low in this season.

For how many people: 2

Material:Clove – 3 spoons

Cinnamon – 2 small piecesCardamom – ¼ cupDry ginger – ¼ cup

Nutmeg – 1 tablespoonBlack pepper- one and a half cupMethod:
– Take a non-stick pan and fry all these things on low flame.– Keep them in a container and let them cool.– After all the spices cool down, grind them coarsely in the mixer and store them in an airtight container.Now if you are making tea for two people, then add two pinches of prepared masala in it.– Keep in mind the quantity of milk and water and do not boil the tea on gas for too long. Also, if you eat less spices then you can increase or decrease the quantity of these spices as per taste. Believe me, this recipe will make your tea taste amazing.

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