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Tulsi Rule: The Tulsi plant, which holds a revered place in Hinduism, is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is believed that the withering of such a basil plant is a sign of bad luck.

It is believed that Tulsi plant, which is worshiped as the most sacred plant, is always blessed by Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu in such a house.

Tulsi plant should be evergreen. This brings positive energy to the house. It is said that by worshiping Tulsi regularly, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi always remain in the house.

Many times, no matter how much care is taken, the basil plant planted in the house dries up. It is considered normal for the Tulsi plant to dry up during cold weather. Actually, it is not considered auspicious for the Tulsi plant to dry up in the house without any reason. It is also said that dry basil gives some indications.

It is said that if the Tulsi plant dries up without any reason then it is an inauspicious sign and indicates huge financial loss.

It is said that if the Tulsi plant is withering in the house, it means that Goddess Lakshmi will not reside in such a house.

It is said that if a dried Tulsi plant is present in the house, it can cause discord among family members.

It is said that if the Tulsi plant dries up in the house then negative energy can enter the house and the happiness and peace of the house can be spoiled.

If the Tulsi plant has dried up in the house, it should be immersed in the water of a river. Then bring another Tulsi plant into the house and plant it.

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