Two Khalistani groups clash amid fears of US referendum – News India Live

Those Khalistani who are anti-India and who spew venom against India in America and claim friendship with India, are allowed to do anything in the name of freedom of expression.

Because of this, Khalistanis often hold anti-India protests. However, at one such event held in the city of San Francisco, Khalistanis clashed internally.

On February 28, the so-called referendum for Khalistan was organized in the city of San Francisco. In which anti-India posters were put up, but during this program a dispute broke out between two groups and a fight started within no time. One of these groups is said to be of Major Singh Nijjar and the other is said to be of Sarabjit Singh Sabi.

It is also being said that Major Singh Nijjar’s group has been sidelined by Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. Pannu was also present in this referendum.

However, Major Singh’s group was enraged by Pannu’s actions, and the spectacle of a referendum led to the Khalistanis becoming internally displaced.

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