Uttarakhand: Strict rules made for live-in relationship in UCC, provision for punishment also

Dehradun. Strict provisions have been made for live-in relationships in the Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code (UCC). If you do not follow the set standards, you will have to face financial penalty and may even have to go to jail. According to sources, there is a provision of six months jail or a fine of Rs 25,000 for not doing mandatory registration. Both these punishments may have to be suffered together.

According to sources, live-in relationships have been kept in detail in the draft of UCC. According to this, only an adult man and an adult woman will be able to live in a live-in relationship. That too, if they are not already married or in a live-in relationship with someone else.

You will also get a receipt for registration, you will get the house only through the receipt.
Every live-in person must compulsorily register on a registered web portal. After this he will be given a receipt of registration from the Registrar’s office. On the basis of that receipt, the couple will be able to take a house or hostel or PG on rent.

There is also a provision for this in the Uniform Civil Code
● The registrar will have to inform the parents or guardian of the couple being registered.
● Children born in live-in will be considered legitimate children of that couple.
● He will also get all the rights like biological children.
● It is also mandatory for every person living in a live-in relationship to register for separation.

What is live in relationship?
When a woman and a man live under one roof without marriage, then such relationship is called live-in. Such relationships are increasing in cities. Often there are complaints of fraud among them. Now in Uttarakhand UCC, an attempt has been made to make live-in relationship as safe as marriage.


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