What does Vastu Shastra say about keeping a clock in the house, know…..

Placing a clock at the right place as per Vastu in home, office, business place is an indicator of progress and auspicious. Time is constantly moving, hence if the moving clock is placed in the right direction, the luck of the person looking at that clock also keeps moving. There should not be a stopped, stopped clock on the wall of the house or office. If the cell of a battery-powered watch is weak or exhausted, start it immediately by inserting a new cell. If the watch is broken, get the watch repaired, otherwise sell the broken watch to the junkyard. It has often been seen that people have emotional attachment to their old watches, or because the watch is associated with a good picture, people do not want to remove those old watches from the house. Those who want continuous progress in life should avoid keeping a broken or stopped clock in the house under any circumstances.

Yamraj, the god of death, is considered to be the lord of the south direction, hence looking at the time on a clock facing south is considered inauspicious. A clock should never be placed in the south direction, placing the clock in this direction hinders the progress of the members of the house and affects the health of the head of the house.

Do not place the clock even just above the door, placing a clock on the door leads to flow of negative energy due to which one has to face many types of problems. According to Vastu Shastra, the most auspicious direction to place a clock on the wall is East and North because East direction and North direction are considered to be the direction of growth, hence for progress in home, office, clock should be placed on the East wall or North wall only, so that whenever you want to check the time, your eyes should be on the East or North wall. Only fell.

Placing a clock with a pendulum in the right direction is considered auspicious, it provides new opportunities for progress. It is often seen that some people move their home clock back a few minutes or forward a few minutes. The argument of those who turn back the clock by a few minutes is that by doing so they can leave home earlier and reach their destination without delay.

According to Feng Shui, it is not considered good for the home clock to move behind the time, hence the time of the clock should always be correct, the time should not be ahead or behind, the correct time also teaches to live in the present which is necessary for progress. Vastu Feng Shui According to this, to increase work efficiency and balance the energy of the house, a melodious musical clock should be placed in an auspicious direction.

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