With this dance, fair Nagori defeated Sapna and won her heart, it rained notes on the stage 1

Who does not know Gori Nagori today? From the general public to Bollywood celebrities, their dance is appreciated. A large number of people like their dance. Let us tell you that Gori Nagori is actually from Nagaur in Rajasthan but due to her excellent dance, she has planted her flag in Haryana. Today people come from far away places to watch his programme. He has fans ranging from children to elderly people. Huge crowds are seen in their dance programmes, along with this their videos also go viral very fast.

gives competition to Sapna

Let us tell you that Gori Nagori has also got the name of Indian Shakira due to her tremendous dance. Due to Gori Nagori’s excellent dance and tremendous dance moves, she is now being compared to Sapna Choudhary. Just by watching their dance, it can be seen that now fair Nagori has started to outweigh Sapna. Many people believe that only Gori Nagori gives direct competition to Sapna in dance, while some people say that in the coming time, only Gori Nagori will take the title of number 1 dancer of Haryana.

people like dance

Let us tell you that many people like the dance of Gori Nagori. Even before their dance program starts, a huge crowd of people gather around the stage. People wait for hours before their dance program starts. As soon as the program starts, the crowd of people is seen going out of control. When the dance starts, when the fair Nagori bends her waist and dances tremendously, even the elderly people are forced to dance.

Haryanvi Song |  Badli Badli Lage.  Gori Nagori |  Latest Haryanvi Song 2019 |  Sonotek Official

Video is going viral

For information, let us tell you that Gori Nagori’s videos go viral as soon as they appear on social media. Gori Nagori has a huge fan following on social media. She keeps sharing her photos and videos for her fans on social media. Whom his fans like a lot. Currently one of his videos is going quite viral. Whose title is “Badli Badli Lage”. This video is becoming quite viral. You can watch this video on a channel called Sonotek Punjabi.

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