12 crores in Ram temple in 10 days! 25 lakh devotees have had darshan of Ramlala – News India Live

After the consecration ceremony of the Ram temple on January 22, in the last 12 days, about 25 lakh devotees have visited Ramlala in the Ram temple and have also donated Rs 12 crore. Patrons of the sanctum sanctorum, Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, said a major part of this monetary offering, around Rs 8 crore, was deposited in traditional donation boxes strategically placed along the darshan path leading to the sanctum sanctorum. Apart from this, a commendable contribution of Rs 3.50 crore has been made through online mediums.

Let us tell you that all the BJP MLAs along with Chief Minister Yogi will have darshan of Ramlala on 11th February. During this, Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana and MLAs of supporting parties will also be present. Earlier, CM Yogi had announced to hold a cabinet meeting on 1 February.

The list of annual festivals in the newly constructed Ram temple has been prepared. Basant Panchami will be celebrated as the first festival in the new temple on 14th February. Mother Saraswati will be worshiped in this. There will be cultural programs. 12 major festivals will be celebrated in Ram temple throughout the year.

Interestingly, the temple trust has taken the help of a dedicated team of 14 people, including 11 bank employees and three temple trust employees, who have been tasked with counting the offerings kept in four special donation boxes. This team ensures transparency and accountability in the management of the significant funds generated through contributions.

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