PAK vs NZ: Pakistan team announced against New Zealand, Babar Azam is the captain and key player returns after 4 years

PCB has announced Pakistan’s squad for the five-match T20I series against New Zealand. According to the media release issued by PCB, Pakistan’s 17-member team was announced. Uncapped middle order batsman Muhammad Irfan Khan and opener Usman Khan got a place in the Pakistan team. The five-match T20I series against New Zealand will be played in … Read more

Constipation: These 8 foods help in removing constipation and keeping the stomach clean, include them in your diet today – News India Live

Food For Constipation: If constipation gets cleared as soon as you wake up in the morning, then there is nothing better than this. If the stomach is clean in the morning, the body remains energetic throughout the day. On the contrary, if there are problems like constipation and regular bowel movements, then people get worried. … Read more

Detox Food: These things clean the dirt accumulated in the body, kidneys work well – News India Live

Detox Food: Kidneys work as filters for the body. Kidneys clean the body and remove impurities. Therefore, it is important that the kidneys also function well. Some things can be taken in the diet to keep the kidneys healthy. When kidneys get damaged, dirt starts accumulating in the body. If the kidneys are not functioning … Read more

Plants For Good Sleep: If you want good sleep then you should have these 5 plants in your bedroom.. – News India Live

Plants for good sleep: We plant many plants in the house. Especially Tulsi tree and Aloe vera money plant. However, keeping such trees and plants in the house brings positive energy to our house. These are very good plants from spiritual point of view also. However, having certain types of plants in your bedroom can … Read more

Ponnaganti Kura: Ponnaganti curry is a source of nutrients.. Check diabetes and overweight! – News India Live

Benefits of Ponnaganti Kura: Ponnaganti curry, also known as “Chennaganti curry”. It is a type of leafy green plant in the Amaranthaceae family. Available in most parts of India. It is a very nutritious curry, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But this Ponnaganti curry leaf is available throughout the year. Consuming ingredients made from … Read more

Bedroom Plants: Keep these 5 plants in the bedroom for better sleep – News India Live

Plants for good sleep: Plant many plants in the house. Especially Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Money Plant are present in everyone’s house. Keeping plants in this way brings positive energy to the house. These are very good plants from spiritual point of view. Keeping certain types of plants in your bedroom helps you sleep better. Nowadays … Read more

To remove dirty yellow stains on teeth, just rubbing with this bitter leaf is enough – News India Live

Remedies for yellow teeth: Despite trying various remedies to get rid of yellow teeth, some people’s teeth remain yellow. There are many ways to remove yellow stains from teeth. By adopting these home remedies, the yellow stains on the teeth will disappear and become white. Along with dental cavities, bad breath can also be cured … Read more