Rajnath Singh said Arunachal integral part India we change names states China then | Rajnath Singh said

New Delhi: India’s neighboring countries, whether it is Pakistan or China, India remains at loggerheads with both the countries. Arunachal Pradesh, adjacent to the border line of China, has again started drawing lines of dispute between the two countries. Recently, China presented its claim on Arunachal Pradesh. Beijing has released the fourth list of 30 … Read more

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Special app made for disabled voters, know how it will help – News India Live

The Election Commission has completed preparations for the Lok Sabha elections starting from April 19. Like every election, in this election too the Election Commission has made special preparations for the disabled voters. This time the ECI has also announced the option of voting from home for senior citizens and disabled people. Officials will go … Read more

Millionaire became a millionaire by rearing poultry of this breed, chicken will also be sold expensively along with eggs 1

In our country, most of the people earn their living by farming. Along with this, farmers earn good income by doing animal husbandry. At present many people are earning a lot of money by doing this type of business, it also requires less cost to start. In which you can earn good income by rearing … Read more

Solar Eclipse 2024: Europe’s longest solar eclipse, NASA shares photos and videos – News India Live

Solar eclipse 2024: The longest solar eclipse was seen in Europe after 54 years. Pictures of the eclipse emerged from many cities. Meanwhile, space agency NASA has shared spectacular pictures of the solar eclipse. Many European cities were plunged into darkness during the day. The solar eclipse, which started at 9:12 pm Indian time, remained … Read more

Vikrant Bhuria resigns post MP Youth Congress President party now made this leader chief

Indore: Amidst the Lok Sabha elections, Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress has got a new president. After the resignation of Vikrant Bhuria, the party has made Mitendra Darshan Singh the Chief of MP Youth Congress. On Monday, Vikrant Bhuria had resigned from the post of Youth Congress, citing that his father Kantilal Bhuria was busy in … Read more

Have you got your KYC verified as per the new changes? Investments in mutual funds should be updated accordingly – News India Live

KYC for investment: KYC verification is required for any investment, savings or banking transaction. Market regulator SEBI has announced new changes for KYC from April 1, 2024. Information about which is necessary, otherwise investors may face obstacles in new investments and future financial transactions in mutual funds. According to the new rules, investors whose KYC … Read more

Moscow attack: 145 lives were taken for nine lakh rupees, money was to be given to terrorists in Ukraine – News India Live

moscow concert hall attack : Russia has caught the terrorists who carried out the terrorist attack in the concert hall of the Russian capital Moscow and during their interrogation, shocking revelations are being made one after the other. 145 people were killed in this attack. The terrorists had earlier said that they had carried out … Read more

Investors’ wealth crosses Rs 400 lakh crore for the first time – News India Live

Mumbai, Ahmedabad: Positive factors including strength in global markets, confidence of formation of a stable and strong government after the elections in the country, stop on the rise in crude oil prices continuously created new records in the Indian stock markets today. Sensex, Nifty based Sensex reached new all-time high as investors’ wealth in shares … Read more