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King Cobra Video:The weather is rainy. There are a lot of snakes at this time. From cobra to snake, everyone has a lot of poison. In such a situation, self-defense is very important. A snake can hide in your shoes or even in your car. Due to rain their holes (living space) get filled with water. You must have seen many videos of wild animals and snakes on social media. But seeing this poisonous huge snake, everyone’s life is on hold.

Actually, snakes are found in many species which range from quite small in size to large in size. These are amphibian creatures that can live both on land and water. The qualities of each species of snake are also different. There can be hope of survival of a human being from the poison of snakes living in water, but after the bite of a cobra snake, it becomes difficult for a human being to survive.

One such video related to a snake is going viral on social media in which people have spread panic after seeing the size of this huge snake. In the video going viral, you can see that a king cobra snake of huge size has been rescued. This snake is said to be the world’s longest king cobra snake. Have you ever seen a King Cobra snake of such huge size before? Like the snake shown in the movies, this snake is 25 feet long.

King cobra snake found in Orissa

In the viral video, you can see that two people who were rescuing snakes have got information about the place where the snake is. They are telling about this place, in the video these two people are telling that they have come to a village in Orissa to catch a snake. Where a snake is hiding in a room of someone’s house. As soon as these people reach the bottom of the snake and bring it out, the people gathered around get scared after seeing the size of the snake. Actually, this snake named King Cobra is very long and scary. People get very scared after seeing this.

The snake was released into the forest

It can be seen in the video that the two rescuers did not kill the snake after catching it but instead brought it and left it in the forest. As soon as these two forest guards, who rescued the snake, left it among the bushes of the forest, it quickly went to the other side and hid itself. People are quite surprised after seeing this video. You may have never seen such a long king cobra snake. People are commenting a lot after watching this video and are also sharing this video a lot.

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