7th Pay Commission: The wait for central employees is over! There will be a bumper increase in DA on this date

New Delhi: If someone in your family is a central employee, then luck is going to shine. Along with the increase in DA of central employees, the fitment factor is going to increase from the government side, which will be like a big gift.

It is being said that the government is going to increase DA by 4 percent, which is enough to win everyone’s heart. This will lead to a bumper increase in salary, which is enough to win everyone’s heart. This increase will prove to be like a booster dose in the inflation season.

The government can take this decision by February 20. On the other hand, the government has not taken this decision officially, but this is being claimed a lot in media reports. To know by how much DA will increase, you will have to read our article carefully.

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There will be a huge increase in DA

The discussion about 4 percent increase in DA from the Central Government is going on at a rapid pace. After this, DA will increase to 50 percent, due to which there will be a decent increase in the basic salary. At present, employees and pensioners are getting the benefit of 46 percent DA, the process of increasing which is now going on at a fast pace.

If the government increases DA now, it will be like a booster dose in the inflation season. The government has not said anything officially, but such claims are spreading rapidly in media reports. Anyway, the Central Government increases DA twice every year, the rates of which are considered effective from January 1 and July 1. The rates for this half year will be considered applicable from January 1.

Fitment factor will increase

The Modi government at the Center can also significantly increase the fitment factor, which will prove to be a boon for everyone. The government can increase the fitment factor from 2.60 times to 3.0 times, which will lead to a bumper increase in salaries. For a long time, the central employees have been demanding increase in the fitment factor and now they are eagerly waiting for the government’s decision.

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