8th Pay Commission: There will be a unique announcement for central employees, latest update on 8th Pay Commission

New Delhi: If someone in your family is a central employee or pensioner, then this news is going to prove very valuable. The government may soon take a decision on the formation of the Eighth Pay Commission, which is enough to win everyone’s heart.

The Eighth Pay Commission can be implemented in the year 2026, after which there will be a bumper increase in the basic salary, which will provide great financial assistance to everyone. It is considered possible to constitute the Seventh Pay Commission even before the Lok Sabha elections, which will be like a booster dose for the employees.

The government has not announced this officially, but media reports are claiming it to be soon. To know the remaining details, you will need to read our article carefully.

Dearness allowance will be this percent

The Central Government will increase the DA of central employees and pensioners by 4 percent, after which it will increase to 50 percent. Due to this, it is believed that there will be a decent increase in the basic salary of the employees. At present employees are getting the benefit of 46 percent DA.

If there is an increase in DA now, it will benefit more than 1 crore employees and pensioners. This will greatly improve the economic level of the employees, which is enough to win everyone’s heart.

According to the Seventh Pay Commission, DA is increased twice annually, the rates of which are implemented from January 1 and July 1. If there is an increase in DA now, then its rates will be considered effective from January 1.

Know what will happen, it will be possible to get zero dearness allowance

For information, let us tell you that if a new pay scale is implemented, then the DA of employees and pensioners gets added to their basic salary. According to experts, when there is 100 percent DA, it should be linked to the basic salary, but due to financial condition, this is not possible. For information, let us tell you that if we talk about the number of central employees and pensioners in India, it is more than one crore.

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