Activa lost its sweat after seeing this offer, TVS Jupiter mileage scooter is available for just Rs 31 thousand

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TVS Jupiter Offer: In the present times, two wheeler has become a necessity for every person. Because almost the right people use two wheelers for any work. Due to which its demand has been increasing among the people in the Indian market. Scooters are used not only by young people but also by the older generation. Because there is no use of any kind of nonsense or cliché in these. According to the report, I would like to tell that in view of the modern technology, they are expected to bring TVS Jupiter in the Indian market with new updates in better quality through TVS. Let’s look at their features…

TVS Jupiter Engine

If we talk about the powerful engine of TVS Jupiter, then it is considered to be one of the most powerful scooters which is seen with a 109.7 cc engine with a single cylinder, which has the capacity to generate 7.88 bhp maximum power at 7500 rpm, while its talk Talking about the capacity, it proves to be successful in generating 8.8 Newton meter of torque at 5500 rpm. It comes with a 6 liter fuel tank and along with this, a better brake combination is seen in it.

TVS Jupiter Price

On the demand of users, more than one electric scooter is being introduced in the Indian market, which also includes TVS Jupiter. If we discuss its price, then the Indian price is said to be Rs 73,340. If you look at the top model, then You have Rs 89,748. If you do not have that much budget, you can still buy it in better condition through the official website, which you can easily buy from the reference side which is being told to you in this article.

TVS Jupiter offer

If we talk about 2018 model, then through Ola website, these scooters which have covered 10,000 kilometers have been put on sale for Rs 28,000 with better condition.

If we talk about the 2017 model, it is currently available on the Ola website, which has been driven on road for 27,000 kilometers and is in a good condition. If we talk about its price, it is said to be around ₹ 30,000.

If you are planning to buy 2015 model, then it has also been made available on Ola website which is in better condition. If we talk about its price, then it is said to be Rs 31,500. If we talk about the distance driven, it is said to be 28,500 kilometers. Is.

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