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Negligence towards health among youth is manifested in many ways. Due to increasing dependence on technology, it has become common for youth to sit in front of smartphones and computers for long periods of time. This not only causes back pain but also has a bad effect on the eyes. Social media is having a negative impact on the mental health of youth. In the last few years, heart disease has become a matter of surprise even among the youth. Experts believe that avoiding all these problems is in the hands of the youth. A healthy life can be enjoyed by making some positive changes in life.

Experts believe that people who walk more than 80 minutes a day have less risk of lifestyle diseases. Walking burns calories and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. When you get into the habit of walking daily, a happy hormone called endorphin is also released in the body. It makes you feel better. People who walk more than 2,000 steps a day have a 10 percent lower risk of heart attack than those who don’t. Take a break from work or studies to get into the habit of walking. Make a habit of walking every morning.

Avoid social media addiction

It has come to light in many amendments that addiction to social media has increased significantly among the youth. Just as a person suffering from alcohol addiction cannot live without it, similarly the youth who are victims of social media have become mentally weak. According to experts, the habit of comparing each other’s lives on social media makes you feel lacking in your life. Due to this, you gradually start becoming a victim of depression. Social media addiction can be harmful not only to the sharer but also to the audience.

Make bicycle a health companion

Generally, there is a lot of craze about motorcycles, but if you make a bicycle your companion for traveling short distances, going to school-college, going to office, then you can remain healthy. Actually, regular cycling keeps the blood circulation in the body healthy. Firstly, cycling provides exercise and secondly, pollution does not spread. In many European countries, billionaires also like to go to office by bicycle, but in our country people also use cars or motorcycles to bring vegetables from the nearby market. We have to change this habit. According to experts, this strengthens the muscles of the body. According to WHO, cycling for 30 minutes is a complete exercise. If you ride a bicycle for 20 to 30 minutes every day, heart diseases can be avoided.

water is essential for health

Water is very important for a healthy body. There is nothing better than water to detoxify the body. You must drink at least two-three liters of water a day. Don’t hesitate to visit your doctor after 30 years. Regular health checkups will help you keep track of the changes in your body.


Vegetable juice is beneficial for health

Always drink juice of seasonal vegetables. Drinking different juices will give you different benefits. Drinking mixed juice of apple, beetroot and carrot in winter helps in weight loss.

Tomato : Drinking tomato juice mixed with beetroot, carrot and cucumber is more beneficial. Lycopene and beta carotene present in tomatoes help in increasing the body’s immunity. The vitamins and calcium found in them are helpful in curing bone diseases, controlling blood pressure and protecting from heart related problems.

Bitter Gourd: Diabetes Patients are advised to drink bitter gourd juice, but if you want to lose weight then drinking bitter gourd juice is very effective. It reduces the fat stored in the body. If you want, you can also add lemon juice to it.

spinach :This juice is very beneficial for those who are dieting. Drinking this juice rich in vitamins and proteins improves health, hair, skin and eyesight.

Bottle gourd: Bottle gourd juice is very beneficial for health. Drinking it helps in reducing obesity, high BP, heart related problems and cholesterol. Drinking one glass of its juice daily is enough.

Make yoga a part of everyday life

Yoga and Pranayam are not only necessary to avoid disease or stay healthy, but it is an art of living. The whole world has accepted this. Experts believe that balance in diet, behavior and thoughts is very important to stay healthy and this can be done only with the help of yoga. Sometimes young people think that yoga and pranayam are for the elderly, but this is a wrong idea. If yoga is included in life during adolescence itself, heart disease, diabetes and mental problems can be avoided. During adolescence, one has to face many problems due to hormonal imbalance. With the help of yoga, this imbalance can be reduced to a great extent. Negative thoughts can be stopped by regular yoga. Yoga brings positive energy to the body and mind. You can start yoga-pranayama with the help of a yoga expert.

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