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Airtel Xstream AirFiber: Bharti Airtel has once again introduced Xstream AirFiber plan for the customers. According to the website, this service is now available in Noida and Ghaziabad, but some changes have been made in it. For starters, we can see that the Extreme AirFiber router has been redesigned. Airtel has also made some changes in the offering. Let us know about them.

What is the specialty of this scheme

Bharti Airtel’s 5G FWA (fixed-wireless access) or Xstream AirFiber service is available to customers with 100Mbps speed. Till now it was available only as a prepaid option for 6 months. But now it is also available for 12 months.

Its price for six months will be Rs 6,657 (including GST and Rs 1000 installation cost). The 12-month plan will cost Rs 11,314 (inclusive of all costs). Note that with the 12-month plan, users will not have to pay any installation fees.

With this, the updated FUP (Fair Usage Policy) for the amount of data a consumer gets with Extreme AirFiber has been increased to 1TB. When FUP data is consumed, the speed reduces to 2 Mbps. Additionally, customers get free access to Extreme Premium. For now, Airtel customers can use unlimited data at 2Mbps, as there is no data pack, if they consume the FUP data offered by the Xstream AirFiber plan.

Airtel Extreme AirFiber can give you 100Mbps speed (upload and download), just like a fiber connection. However, Airtel says that if you can get a fiber connection in your area, it is a better option than Extreme AirFiber. In such a situation, customers are going to benefit from this.

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