Ben Strokes’ wicket fell, laziness took over


These days a great match is being played between India and England (IND VS ENG) in Visakhapatnam. At this time many big information is coming regarding the match. While on one hand Shubman Gill got injured during the game, on the other hand the England team has also suffered a big blow. Team captain Ben Strokes had to find his way to the pavilion.

Ben Strokes is out

The name of England captain Ben Strokes is considered to be one of the most brilliant players. , Not only does he perform well with the ball and bat, he is also known for his fielding and running. But in the ongoing Test series match in Visakhapatnam, he has surprised Team India along with Ben. On the fourth day of the game, Ben Stokes was run out on 11 runs in the second innings. Players often get run out but Ben Stokes became a victim of this due to his laziness.

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Iyer’s coin played in fielding

Even though Shreyas Iyer did not show great performance in batting in this fantastic series match, his performance in fielding was quite excellent. Shreyas Iyer has done the amazing job of taking the wicket of Ben Strokes. Not only did he catch the ball with just one hand and then aim at one of the stumps. Apart from this, this player also took an excellent catch of Jack Crowley in the first innings.

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