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Benefits of lemon: Lemon is not only used to enhance the taste of food but it is also a treasure of health. Its sour taste makes food tasty and its properties provide nutrients to the body. Consuming lemon, which is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, has many health benefits.

Consuming lemon provides natural nutrition to the body. You can improve your health by including lemon in your daily diet. Let us today tell you about some such special properties of lemon.

Increases immunity

Lemon contains vitamin C which promotes the production of white blood cells, which helps the body fight disease. To avoid viral diseases like cold and cough, drinking fresh water mixed with lemon and honey regularly is beneficial.

keeps digestion healthy

Lemon juice increases the production of digestive enzymes, making food easily digested. Lemon water is also effective in providing relief from problems like flatulence and indigestion.

Helps in weight loss

Lemon water keeps the body hydrated and helps in removing impurities from the body. Which helps in controlling weight. Drinking warm water mixed with lemon and honey on an empty stomach in the morning speeds up the weight loss process.

boon for skin

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in lemon keep the skin young and reduce wrinkles. Mixing a little honey in lemon juice and applying it on the face clears the skin.

hair becomes stronger

Lemon juice helps in strengthening the hair roots and removing dryness. Lemon juice is also effective in getting rid of the problem of dandruff.

wounds heal quickly

Lemon juice has antiseptic properties, which helps in quick healing of wounds. Drinking warm water with lemon and mint mixed in it on an empty stomach in the morning removes bad breath.

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